Freeze the Time!

Norises vieta: Belgrada, Serbija

Dalībnieku skaits: 15
Pieteikšanās: līdz 01.12.2011 piereģistrējoties
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LC Belgrada ielūdz visus interesentus uz ziemas apmaiņu Belgradā, kur jūs varēsiet izbaudīt dienas un naktis izbaudot pilsētas ziemassvētku noskaņas un lielisko naktsdzīvi!


We are excited to announce that this winter all roads will lead to the capital of Serbia. This December, LC Belgrade is organizing our eagerly awaited winter exchange “Freeze the Time!”. The spotlight is on showing our fellow EESTECers why Belgrade is known as “the city that never sleeps”.

No matter when, if it is during the night or day, our participants will get the chance to see how hedonism is present in all aspects of life in Belgrade. Walking through the New Year’s decorations of Knez Mihajlova Street and visiting numerous restaurants, bars and clubs are excellent way to enjoy Belgrade, especially when the end of the year is approaching. Dressed in white, our city will show you that there is no such place in the whole world where passion and European elegance is so naturally connected.  But don’t forget that you are coming to the land of Nikola Tesla and that’s why you will also have the chance to enter the brilliant mind of this scientist. But that is not all! As the end of the year approaches, all students in Belgrade, which of course includes you, prepare for the well known costume ball in our favorite students’ club KST. So be ready to put some crazy costumes in your suitcase. And in case you’ve missed the Suit up Day, don’t worry, LC Belgrade is taking you to the traditional ball on our faculty where you’ll get to show your moves on the dance floor.

Apart from worldwide famous nightlife, you will have the chance to spend a few days out of Belgrade, try out our delicious cuisine and of course discover the spirit of Serbia that lies in a bottle of our national drink rakija.

Don’t think you’ve heard it all! We have plenty of surprises left for you. Just remember when you come to the White City, the clock stops, time freezes and the party begins. Be ready for the Belgrade state of mind!


Best regards,

LC Belgrada