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Sound card causing crashing!!
The problem lies in the sound card. It says in the corner of the screen, Multimedia device located. Then it says Realtek AC’97 configured. Then it flashes black and restarts.
Ive just installed XP. Everything else is working fine except no sound. My comp is a T2862 emachines. After looking up the Motherboard, the integrated sound card is a AWC202/A or something like that from realtek. I found the exact drivers and downloaded them. I installed the drivers, restarted the comp, then when it restarted the above problem happened where it found the multimedia device and so on.
From safe mode i disabled the Realtek AC’97 device and restarted to reboot back into regular windows. In regular windows XP, in the device manager, the second i activate the Realtek audo device, i get a black screen and it restarts.

Its about 6 hours now of searching for a fix and im lost and pissed off. I installed Windows XP so i can play a game i thought looked good and wont be ported to linux til next year. I know a pretty good bit about Linux and am totally astonished that there is no log file listing whats wrong here? Maybe there is? Like, it just kind of restarts and doesnt tell me anything? Linux would never do that?! I cant believe windows costs money, and linux is free. They got it backwards.
Well if anyone here can give me a hand id appreciate it before i return the game and burn this XP CD. If noone here really has any idea, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.