Seminārs „Efficient Use of Our Resources”

eestecNorises laiks: 24.-30. augusts, 2009
Norises vieta: Lisabona, Portugāle
Pieteikšanās: līdz 26.03 jānosūta pieteikuma forma un 3 salikti teikumi kāpēc gribi piedalīties uz
Organizatori: JLC Lisabon


Directly from Lisbon, we’ll try to make this subject cover not only renewable energies but also sustainable architecture, recycling, and others. Also we’ll try to apply for the EU-Grant program, so yes… 70% of your trip costs will possibly be paid :-)

If we aren’t able to apply we’ll let you know and things might change a little on the event… (You’ll be able to choose then, of course, if you want to keep your subscription).

Anyway, some good things about our event, or what we’re planning!:
– Half in Lisbon other half in Alentejo (100Km from Lisbon, to South).
– In Lisbon you will stay in a 5* hoStel, in the center of Lisbon…
– In Alentejo, you will stay in a house with tons of good things (great pool,
snooker pool, ping pong, soccer table, near a great Beach)
– For 2 or 3 days you’ll go to a great beach from which, as in most cases in Portugal,
you cannot see the end sides :-)