Seminārs “Silverlight Code Camp”

eestecNorises laiks: 27.08.2009 – 03.09.2009
Norises vieta: Famagusta, Kipra
Pieteikšanās: līdz 29.07 jānosūta pieteikuma forma un motivācijas vēstule kāpēc gribi piedalīties, kā arī norādi kādas ir Tavas programmēšanas priekšzināšanas uz
Vēlamās priekšzināšanas: C#, VB and Soft Computing Interest

Organizē: LC FamagustaApraksts:

Educational part of this Workshop:

In addition we bring you another fully educational event which is “Fifth International Conference on Soft Computing, Computing with Words and Perceptions in System Analysis, Decision and Control”. ( ) LC Famagusta will be giving orientation to you and other world class participants from all over the world.

Again the venue will be Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta (Gazi Magusa) of the beautiful island of Cyprus, with its beautiful nature and amusing history, where
Aphrodite was born, where Shakespeare’s Othello Castle is, where the caretta carettas choose to live :)

The Code Camp which is powered by Microsoft Regional Director and INETA Turkey Lead, Daron Yondem, will be the first part and after that you get to join renowned engineers and scientist in getting educated in the field of Soft Computing – a peep into the future with interesting and mind prickling subjects like “Chaos Theory” and “Fuzzy Logic”. We expect basic CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) Operations from the participants for our code camp. The conference is going to be worlwide and it is quite academical. So we expect  participants interests for the conference as well (sleeping
during the conference is not acceptable :)).

Social activities of this Workshop:

Of course we are going to have fun. It’s summer time on an exotic island, and we got a line up for you. We are going to be sailing the Mediterranean, checking out the cultural sites and cities (rally), tasting the local cuisine, roiling dices in the super casinos, swimming and sun bathing at sea, picnicking in the ruins of ancient civilization.