Microsystems around us


Norises laiks: 11.12.2011 – 17.12.2011
Norises vieta: Vroclava, Polija
Dalībnieku skaits:15
Pieteikšanās: līdz 19.11.2011 piereģistrējoties eestec.net
Plašāks info: eestec@ditfi.lv, www.eestec.net


Vai tevi interesē mikrosistēmas un kur tās var atrast sev visapkārt, tev noteikti vajag aizbraukt uz Vroclavu! Atklāj mikrosistēmu pasauli sev visapkārt un izbaudi Vroclavu ziemassvētku noskaņās!


After quite a long brake, we are back with new ideas, energy and surprises for you :P  We, LC Wrocław, are proud and very happy to announce our workshop: “Microsystems around us”. This event will give you fat and juicy pill of microsystems, an all-around super-developing branch of electrical engineering. It’s a great opportunity for all of you to get to know what’s inside™

Our experts from the University will show you the world. From their geeky perspective of course;)  This means getting into it hard (ware) – how to fabricate the microsystems from silicon wafer to finished product (including photolithography, chemical etching and packaging process) and soft – latest achievements in the field and the opportunity to visit a clean room

If you’ve read this far or skipped right to it, what you want the most, here it is: hedonism, tourism and partyism all the way! ;D During this weekly event you will have a lot of fun visiting our city and partying till dawn. To list some of the places we have scheduled for you (excluding party joints to keep the trump card – good luck for inquisitive souls at googling polish sites;) Ogród Japoński, Ostrów Tumski, Panorama Racławicka, ZOO, Wyspa Słodowa. Also you will able to do some shopping on the polish Christmas fair

For any questions don’t hesitate to ask! :)

Apply now! Don’t miss the chance to take part in a truly amazing adventure with LC Wrocław.