Norises laiks: 19.02.2012 – 26.02.2012

Norises vieta: Skopje, Maķedonija

Dalībnieku skaits:30

Pieteikšanās: līdz 31.12.2012 piereģistrējoties

Plašāks info:,


 Vai tevi interesē robot būve? Vai vēlies iemācīties uztaisīt robotu no vietējā būvniecības veikalā pieejamām lietām? Lieliski! Tad aicinām Tevi pievienoties uz RoboMAC darbnīcu, kur apmācīti profesionāļi tev palīdzēs to iemācīties (priekšzināšanas NAV nepieciešamas!)


Would you like to get out of your daily routine and try something new?

Do you lure to get a sneak peak in the spectacular cutting edge robots?

Well, fasten your seat-belts because you are about to have the journey of your lifetime in the Future Robot Republic of Macedonia or abbreviated RoboMAC!

LC Skopje is proud to announce that in collaboration with IEEE for the third time we are organizing the RoboMAC! It will take place from 19-th to 26-th of February in Skopje, with 30 international participants (EESTEC people) and over 70 students from our faculty…

Yes you read that right!!! 30 EESTECers means this is the third biggest EESTEC event after EESTEC Congress and ECM.

Now let us tell you a little bit about RoboMAC…

RoboMAC means students creating scientific robots using off-the-shelf materials. What that means? That means that you will learn to build a robot that will do a specific job, with only the materials that you can buy in the local hardware store. Cool right!!! :D And at the end of the week in the biggest closed sport venture in Macedonia – our national arena you can start the thrilling competition and check out how good is your robot :D. Racing, sumo wrestling, programming an AI task oriented algorithms, or simply play “hide and seek” with your robots in a maze, and all that in front of lot of audience and the media. It means you will be a TV star that day in Macedonia. But that’s not creative enough ??? No problem !!! Use your creative mind and take the challenge to program a Humanoid that will be capable of doing some crazy stuff, like Macarena dance :D.

You don’t know how to do this, but you want to learn? That’s why we have asked our professors from the robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) departments to teach you, and show you everything.

Not ready to apply?

But wait!!! We haven’t told you about the fun part!!! In Skopje we party only on New Year’s Eve and the days that end on “day”, like MonDAY, TuesDAY,…., SunDAY. And bear to forget to visit the local Kafanas. Also we promise to keep the tradition of organizing the glamorous wine night where you will be enjoying best wines in Macedonia! We also want to know more about your country, that’s why on the international party you will have the chance to introduce us to some of your local drinks and delicacies.

…apply don’t wait!