2007 International IDS Challenge


Overall Description:
The International IDS Challenge course is designed for students from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to combine business knowledge with information technology skills in order to change the way P&G’s business gets done.

You’ll work in a challenging and fun learning environment together with your fellow students to solve a company business need through different case studies and a series of lectures that will help you to professionally grow and to acquire managerial skills to present your work.

You will also gain a fundamental understanding of project management, communication, team working and leadership skills.

And have a lot of fun! We have had hundreds of very enthusiastic students enjoying the event over the last years! The last edition of the course took place in April 2006 in Bucharest, Romania.

Open to Applicants from:
Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Brussels, Belgium

Travel, accommodation and food expenses will be paid for those students selected.

Application Deadline:
February 19th 2007 

All talented students, especially those in studies such as Science or Business from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Not all the countries typically participate, please refer to the How to Apply section for the detailed list of participating countries. There is no need for particular formal qualifications or a specific technical background, just a strong interest in business and information technology is required.

It is not necessary to be near graduation, students from 1-3 years before graduation are welcome.

It is an international event; you should feel comfortable speaking English.

Content Details:
The International IDS Challenge is an intensive five-day course during which you will meet participants from many different countries. You will have the chance to get an insight into how information technology is used to bring business commercial advantage in a global business environment.

The 5 days are structured to include lectures and a series of real case studies. At the end of the course, you’ll leave with a clear perspective on how Information & Decisions Solution (IDS) impacts on all aspects of our business, and the role you could play in driving P&G’s continued success. We also want you to have fun not only during the day but during the evenings as well. Social events are organized for you to enjoy the week!

Agenda Highlights:

Trainings and presentations on role of IDS in P&G, technologies and trends, strategic planning, team effectiveness, organization assessment & design principles, order shipping & billing cycle, sales, project management, presentation skills, application life-cycle, leadership.
Business Cases on strategic planning, web based applications, infrastructure and technical mastery, deployment planning, project completion and service agreements.
Evenings: social events with participants and the P&G top IDS leaders across regions.
City tour

How to Apply:

Check www.joinPG.com/idsc.