Network Society 2.0

Network Society 2.0
Norises laiks: 22.04.2012 – 29.04.2012
Norises vieta: Madride, Spānija
Dalībnieku skaits:20
Pieteikšanās: līdz 15.03.2012 piereģistrējoties
Plašāks info:,

LC Madride piedāvā lielisku iespēju paviesoties Madridē apriļā beigās un iegūt plašas zināšanas par mūsu, sociālo mēdiju, laikmeta dotajām iespējām un problēmām, kā arī uzzināt par jaunākajām tehnoloģijām un to pielietojumu ikdienā un ne tikai! Protams, protams, bez akadēmiskās daļas arī būs iespēja izbaudīt spāņu kultūru un apskatīt Madridi nakts gaismās

One more time, LC Madrid is proud to announce you our last workshop

Due to its success last year, we have decided to continue with the topic. It will make you aware of the importance that networking each other has. A networked society allows us to save time, money and energy when trying to communicate each other and it can make things easier in case of necessity. In our workshop we will analyse and treat the presence of networks and communications in every aspect of our lives. Nowadays people is more connected than ever, and a big part of our communication takes part in the so-called “social networks”. Most of us have smartphones in our pockets, and couldn’t think of living without being permanently connected. Furthermore, networks are also present in every other aspect of society, such as health-care, commerce and learning. We can truly speak of a “Society of the networks”, the “Network society”. For that reason, we have prepared several lectures carried out by different companies just to show you their cutting-edge projects and visits to laboratories and research centres to see exactly how they work.
But that’s not all!! We have also prepared for you non-academical activities. You will have the opportunity to explore every secret place of Madrid during the City Rally, to taste Spanish food and drinks (I know all of you like Sangría) and feel its atmosphere during day, but specially during night!
At the end, during the weekend, organizers and participants will stay in the countryside. What we will do there is.a surprise! ;) Still thinking to apply?! Seriously?!
Finally, as we always say…  We are so sorry to have to say this, but as we don’t apply for EU grant, every year we have to make great efforts to find sponsors for our events, and although last year was faultless ;) , we expect an exemplary attitude from all of you and we friendly ask you for cooperation and comprehension. Irresponsible attitudes won’t be tolerated and in case it happens, participants will be warned and eventually expelled from the event if warnings are disregarded. When it is time to party, we have party (and trust me, we will do! ;D), but when it’s time to work, we must work (and later we have party! ^^).
We hope to see you all in Madrid! =)
Greetings from LC Madrid